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The Island Castaway  
Simulation & Strategy

“You are not alone on this island”

After stranding on a tropical island you and the other shipwreck survivors need to explore the island to find out how you can survive and get back home.

Find out what mysteries are hidden in this forgotten place when you get the feeling that the island, in all its mystery, is not as abandoned as it looks.

To survive the perils of the island fraught with dangerous wild animals and natural hazards you’ll have to find food, collect fruit and grow vegetables as you learn to fish and chase after wild boars, catch snakes and find rare plants.

  • Investigate the huge enigmatic island
  • Follow a cinematographic plot
  • Finish over 200 quests
  • Meet fascinating characters and animals
  • Help other castaways survive
  • Decrypt ancient writings
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Download and play The Island CastawayDownload and play The Island CastawayDownload and play The Island Castaway

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