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The Musketeers Victorias Quest  
Time Management

It's one for all and all for one!

Guide a young woman on her quest to become a musketeer in this thrilling arcade adventure! The classic tale of the musketeers gets a feminist twist as Victoria sets out to save her king and the country she calls home.

Guide Victoria through 17th Century France. Rebuild the charming and picturesque land, perform tasks for the people you meet along the way, and recruit help from fellow adventurers.

In the course of your epic adventure you'll captain a massive sailing ship through a pirate blockade, snatch treasure from the jaws of a dragon, and face a slew of enemy rogues!

Explore caves, castles, and other exciting locations. Learn to craft the items you need from the resources you gather. You can also acquire magic boosters that increase your speed and help you to beat the game's many challenging levels.

Skilled players can race against the clock to earn all kinds of beautiful trophies, while casual players can enjoy the game at their own pace.

With lush visuals, a captivating story, and addictive time management gameplay, The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest offers an unforgettable saga of high adventure!

  • A female adventurer as your main character
  • Vibrant and colorful levels
  • Over 8 hours of captivating gameplay
  • Collect the resources you need along the way
  • Craft your own tools and other items
  • Cool boosters that give you an edge
  • Thrilling mini-games
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Download and play The Musketeers Victorias QuestDownload and play The Musketeers Victorias QuestDownload and play The Musketeers Victorias Quest

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