Download and play The Mysterious City of Gold Secret Paths
The Mysterious City of Gold Secret Paths  
Simulation & Strategy

Revisit the Mysterious Cities of Gold with this gorgeous game!

This amazing game is based on the original cartoon series, The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Help Esteban, Zia and Tao make their way through numerous tricky levels full of puzzles, traps and infiltration phases.

Explore many beautiful locations across China and escape Zarès and his cruel henchmen. Will you be able to help the children find the City of Gold?

The story line and the artwork of this game are very faithful to the famous Mysterious Cities of Gold anime. In Secret Paths, you can immerse yourself in this wonderful cross-media universe. You get to play each one of the three main characters of the series. Each hero has his or her own set of unique skills. Use these skills cleverly when approaching the many challenges and pick your hero wisely - their personality definitely matters!

The gorgeous graphics and beautiful settings make for a wonderful experience for older fans of the series and beginners to gaming alike. Venture deep into the Asian forests to find the heart of the Forbidden City of Gold.

As the cartoon remake of the series appears on TV, you can play levels that unlock for free at the same pace the episodes air on television. At the same time you can unlock high-quality cinematic cut-scenes from the Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon. You can also unlock various other collectibles such as exclusive artwork and virtual items.

This video game is made by fans of the series for fans. If you grew up watching the cartoon as a child, this game will be a true delight. Knowledge of the series will help you make your way through the levels too!

Escape archnemesis Zarès and his men by untangling the riddles, solving the puzzles, and unlocking the path to the secret of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. Enjoy this nostalgic gaming experience!

  • Amazing graphics in line with the art style of the original cartoon series
  • Explore lots of different beautiful settings
  • Unlock amazing cut-scenes from the Cities of Gold cartoon, plus exclusive artwork
  • Many different levels full of traps and puzzles
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Download and play The Mysterious City of Gold Secret PathsDownload and play The Mysterious City of Gold Secret PathsDownload and play The Mysterious City of Gold Secret Paths

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