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Race against the clock to save Christmas!

Become the head of the biggest toy factory in the world as you race against the clock to save Christmas! Everyone's favorite holiday is just around the corner, but unless Santa's workers can meet their quota, the children of the world won't have presents to open come Christmas morning.

Fortunately, a budding entrepreneur named Wilma has the skills needed to keep the Christmas hope alive! Guide her as she goes from running a small, family-owned shop to operating the mega-factory owned by St. Nick himself, just by doing what Wilma does best: making her customers happy!

Whether a patron wants a plushy pup or an adorable doll, you've got to move fast and keep ahead of the game. Can you earn enough money by the end of each day to earn Expert Status? Only if you serve the elves plenty of food and drink, and complete the customer's orders fast enough will you earn a big tip! It doesn't hurt to hire a famous rock band to perform at your cafe, either. Between levels you can enjoy the spoils of your hard work by spending the money you earn on countless awesome upgrades.

With dozens of thrilling levels, rockin' music, and eye-popping visuals, Toy Factory is the perfect pick-up-and-play game for any time of year!

  • Thrilling, fast-paced levels
  • Fun point-and-click gameplay
  • Story mode and Endless mode
  • Vibrant, colorful visuals
  • Captivating story
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