True Detective Solitaire 2  
Card & Board

Experience a great new adventure in True Detective Solitaire!

A new case? The True Detective is already hot on the criminal's heels!

In this new Detective Solitaire game, you have to solve 120 riddles – 120 unique card layouts! Are you ready for an exciting adventure and a series of thrilling chases through the streets of a shadowy city?

12 new locations await you! Find the stolen gold, collect chains of cards, and find special golden cards to complete levels.

In the first part of this game series, you proved that you are a True Detective! However, after you solved that case, the criminal underworld didn't disappear. This time a new villain has robbed a bank and stolen all the gold!

Rely on your skills of deduction, but be sure to take advantage of the wonders of modern science too! The bonuses have been specially developed for this assignment – joker, shuffle, and mulligan! Use them to complete levels faster.

But what about your detective fee for performing this investigation? Don't worry! Special bonus cards and combo chains will give you more coins!

And if the True Detective wants to try a more difficult case on for size, you can select Professional difficulty mode and complete the levels again with new and more challenging rules!

Sherlock Holmes himself would envy anyone who is able to solve this incredible case! The mysterious adventure continues!

  • A solitaire adventure for new players and experts alike
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Make chains of cards
  • Collect different bonuses
  • Create combos and earn rewards
  • Change the difficulty mode
  • Complete 120 levels
  • Special achievements
  • Earn many trophies
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