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Weather Lord  
Time Management

Control the forces of nature!

The weather forecast is a 100 percent chance of FUN when you play Weather Lord! This new and unique time management game puts the forces of nature at your fingertips.

Can you complete all the challenging tasks in 40 thrilling levels? If you stay ahead of the clock, the golden cup will be yours!

You have to use the forces of the weather to run the businesses on your tropical paradise island. Use the sunlight to dry up swamps, water the plants with some rain, and send a rainstorm to put out fires or calm the bubbling volcanoes.

Use the sun, rain, and wind to manage all your wonderful fruit and vegetable plantations, and to keep the people in the cities happy and healthy.

Give Mother Nature a well-deserved rest - play Weather Lord today!

  • 40 windswept levels
  • Two sun-kissed settings
  • Eight rain-soaked farms
  • Good and bad weather
  • Step-by-step tutorial
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Download and play Weather LordDownload and play Weather LordDownload and play Weather Lord

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