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Wendys Wellness  
Time Management

Bring out your hidden management talents!

Discover the fascinating world of wellness management with Wendy's Wellness! Develop your own chain of 10 splendid fully-equipped wellness centers in this exciting and challenging time management game!

In Wendy's Wellness center, you will have to serve the customers, buy new equipment and hire employees to keep the business running smoothly. You also want to expand the business as much as you can, so make sure to add whatever facilities and personnel you can to your Wellness chain!

Different types of visitors will come to your Wellness centre, and each visitor type will need special care and attention. Improve your Wendy's skills, purchase upgrades, and hire new assistants. It's just like running a real store! Do your best for the customers and your business is sure to prosper!

  • 50 challenging levels and 10 unique Centers
  • 12 VIP training mini-games
  • 6 Wendy’s skills to improve
  • 30 upgrades to purchase and 3 assistants to hire
  • Lots of fun and unusual situations with clients
  • Captivating music and pleasant game environment
  • Unlimited play
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Download and play Wendys WellnessDownload and play Wendys WellnessDownload and play Wendys Wellness

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