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Simulatie & Strategie

De keuze is aan jou.

Some things are just a matter of life-and-death, Imperia Online is more than that. It is more than a game!

If you want to feel like a true medieval ruler, this is the perfect place for you. The level of social interaction and immersion you can achieve in this game, is unparalleled. Probably the most distinctive feature of the game is that it puts you against other real players. There are no NPC's, no computer mission, no restrictions on what you can achieve. Everything depends on your everyday decisions. And you have thousands of other real people, who you have to take into consideration.You can be whoever you want to in Imperia Online – a cunning diplomat, who manipulates others to do his bidding; a conqueror, who will stop at nothing, until he crushes all his opponents; a righteous knight, on a crusade for justice; the peacemaker, who will unite rivals... and many, many more. The choice is entirely yours.

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Download en speel Imperia OnlineOnlineDownload en speel Imperia OnlineOnlineDownload en speel Imperia OnlineOnline

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