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Challenge your friends to a game of 8ball and 9ball pool!

Pool is a game of skill and patience. In this online Pool game players have a chance to prove their worth in two pool variations: 8ball & 9ball.

In 8ball Pool, one player must try to pocket the solid balls numbered 1-7, while the other player tries to pocket the striped balls numbered 9-15. The black 8 ball must be pocketed by the players after they have played away all the other balls. The player to pocket their 8 balls first wins.

In 9 Ball, each player tries to pocket the balls in order, from 1 through 9. The first one to complete the sequence wins.

Strike the white ball with your cue and use it to knock all the other balls into the pocket. There are six pockets spread around the pool table.

Can you play a perfect game and climb to the top of LazyLand’s Best Pool Players List! Good luck!

  • 8ball Pool and 9ball Pool
  • Challenge other players
  • Chat in-game while you play
  • Win prizes and achievements
  • Connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them to a duel
  • Gain extra credits and points for inviting your friends via social media!
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