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Skyforge: Download and play like a god!
Simulatie & Strategie

Become an immortal warrior and a mighty God to protect your world!

In Skyforge you start your career as the protector of planet Aelion while you are an immortal warrior. Gain loyal followers as you fight, and gain the status of an Elder God. Your goal is to become a member of the Order of the Keepers, so that you can shape the destiny of your world!

Use amazing combat combos to attack you enemies, and dodge their attacks with intuitive moves. Use the most powerful and devastating finishing attacks to deal the final blow to your enemies.

You can select a number of different character classes, and you can switch between them to give all the different types a try, and to utilise the best character traits for each situation. You can develop all of your characters as you play.

Check the Divine Observatory to find out where your help is needed most. You can choose between lots of different game modes: PvP, PvE, group or solo, open world play, short instance or large raid!

Log in, team up with your friends, and enjoy the thrilling world of Skyforge!

  • Become a God
  • Amazing combat system
  • Devastating finishing attacks
  • Switch between different character classes and upgrade them all!
  • Battle invaders and other players
  • PvP and PvE
  • Solo, group, and open world play
  • Short missions and large raids
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Download en speel SkyforgeOnlineDownload en speel SkyforgeOnlineDownload en speel SkyforgeOnline

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