Indir ve oyna Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat
Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat: Hospital management
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Continue Alison's adventure in Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat!

Alison is back for a new adventure in Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat! Pick up where the previous instalment of Heart's Medicine left off and see what happens next in Alison Heart's exciting medical romance series!

After Alison's last adventure with Daniel and Connor, she is returning to Little Creek Hospital to run the new paediatrics wing. Here you can help Alison get back into the swing of things by attending to her young patients. Keep them from getting bored and make sure they don't have to wait too long to receive medical care.

Just when everything looks like it is falling into place for Alison and Connor, Alison's mother steps back into the picture after abandoning Alison many years ago. Alison's mother is coming to Little Creek, whether Alison wants it or not. Now they will have to face the past together. On top of that, Daniel is back in town, which is causing trouble for Alison and Connor!

Can you help Alison manage all her tasks at the hospital while also dealing with these dramatic life events? You can also play lots of fun side games, like bonus levels in which you have to catch Oliver the Guinea Pig, collect all Alison's colleagues for a group picture, and redecorate Alison's somewhat run-down apartment.

Have fun with more drama and romance in the fun hospital time management game Play Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat!

  • Time management gameplay
  • Lots of awesome bonus levels
  • Decorate Alison's apartment
  • Exciting storyline with more romance and more drama!
  • Pick up where the last episode left off
  • Compare scores with your friends
  • Work at all the different hospital wards
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Indir ve oyna Heart's Medicine Hospital HeatIndir ve oyna Heart's Medicine Hospital HeatIndir ve oyna Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat