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Backgammon Go is a great board game for real strategists!

Backgammon Go is a great cross-platform social board game to play with your friends and family! This ancient game originally comes from Persia (Iran). While the roll of the dice may determine what you have to work with on the short term, it takes a real strategist to make every roll count toward the win!

Each player has 15 checkers they must move across the points (the painted triangles) on the board in order to bear off your pieces. The first player to remove all their checkers from the board wins the game! Choose how to utilise your dice rolls and try to anticipate what your opponents will do next.

Backgammon Go uses the latest technology to assure that dice rolls are completely random and fair - no cheats!

Travel the world as you play, from the US to the Middle East to Russia, and defeat all of your opponents to gather cash and become the King of Backgammon!

Whatever you call it -- Acey Deucy, Nardi, Tabula... -- Backgammon Go is the real deal!

  • Real backgammon board game
  • Winning requires strategy!
  • Invite your friends to play
  • Travel the world map and earn coins
  • Fair, cheat-free dice rolls
  • Cross-platform: play anywhere!
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Become the King of Backgammon!
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Download and play Backgammon GoOnlineDownload and play Backgammon GoOnlineDownload and play Backgammon GoOnline

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    English, German, Dutch, Turkish
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