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Cinderella Story  

Cinderella Story, your last-minute ticket to the Fairy Kingdom!

Don't miss you last-minute ticket to the Fairy Kingdom! This exciting Fairytale game will start with poor Cinderella working without rest for her stepmother and sisters... However, it's almost time for the Annual Ball!

The Annual Ball is the biggest event in the Fairy Kingdom. It will be the perfect occasion for Cinderella to have a lovely night out and forget her daily tasks. Maybe she will even get to meet the sweet Prince Charming...

But there's so much preparation to be done! You won't have to do everything on your own though. Thanks to the Fairy Godmother and many friends who will appear along the way, you will have some help getting everything ready on time.

There are many fairytale characters to meet and places to explore in this adventure! You will never get bored visiting the amazing world of Cinderella Story! There are lots of different quests to complete, objects to find, and items to craft.

Play thousands of missions and even take on a wicked witch! What a thrilling fairytale adventure!

  • Different parts of the storyline to unlock and explore
  • Lots of quests to complete
  • High-quality graphics, amazing plot
  • Fantasy adventure theme environment
  • Fun fairytale characters
  • Social features aimed at finding new friends online
  • Lots of options for character customization
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Download and play Cinderella StoryOnlineDownload and play Cinderella StoryOnlineDownload and play Cinderella StoryOnline

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