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Frankenstein Master of Death  
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Restore the course of nature

Frankenstein is our version of the well-known but slightly bit forgotten horror story. The main moral of the tale of Frankenstein is that we mustn't deceive ourselves into thinking we can outwit the forces nature. Besides, science should serve other people, not put them in terrible danger. That is what happens when science is made subject to the arrogant ambitions of one man.

The story starts when the main character receives a letter from his old friend, a brilliant scientist named Victor Frankenstein. The letter says that Victor is in a very complicated and dangerous situation. Victor cannot solve the situation by himself. The main character has no choice but set out on a journey full of danger to help his old friend.

Since the first steps of the journey we face terrible monsters and creatures. You will have to overcome many obstacles and use your quick wits to reach your goal. Can you rescue both Victor and his wife Elizabeth? You will also have to find a way to help the unhappy creatures you find along the way, victims of an extremely inhuman experiment. Stop Baron Igor and try to restore the course of nature!

  • A new look at the classic Frankenstein story
  • Lots of clues to find and mysteries to solve!
  • Fantastic and challenging puzzles
  • Stunning HD graphics!
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Download and play Frankenstein Master of DeathDownload and play Frankenstein Master of DeathDownload and play Frankenstein Master of Death

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