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Island Tribe 5  
Time Management

Discover Atlantis and rescue the scientist!

Challenge yourself in the famous sequel Island Tribe 5! Discover Atlantis and rescue the scientist!

The lost civilization of Atlantis has been attracting romantics and adventurers for ages. Our old friend – a restless scientist dreamt about this place all his life. Throughout Atlantis literature he saw references to the same place at the bottom of the ocean. Risking his life he decides to plunge into the deeps in search of Atlantis. He finds what he was looking for… But the price is too great for this discovery - he is being held hostage by the cunning Atlanteans who take him away to their mystic country. His fate is in the hands of islanders who are hurrying to help out their old friend. The scientist is leaving a trail of his possessions along the way to point out his location. But the hidden island is not the only difficulty our heroes will have to deal with. Do you want to rescue our old friend – scientist? Then you will have to cope with cunning Atlanteans, dreadful beasts and secret portals!

  • Long-awaited sequel of Island Tribe series
  • 44 exciting levels
  • Familiar and absolutely new characters
  • Unexpected plot twists
  • Adventure-centric gameplay
  • Resource management gameplay
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Download and play Island Tribe 5Download and play Island Tribe 5Download and play Island Tribe 5

  • This game is available in
    English, German, Dutch
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