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Magic Griddlers 2  
Puzzle & Match 3

Solve the warlock’s puzzles! 120 griddlers in Magic Griddlers 2

Complete 120 new griddlers in Magic Griddlers 2!

In the world of magic, a wicked warlock has captured six magicians. He has locked them away in tall magical towers and has enchanted the locks.

Solve all 120 griddlers to get to the bottom of the warlock's magical secrets in this sequel to Magic Griddlers. Solve new and unique nonograms with a fantasy theme. Complete all these magical puzzles and become a true hero!

These 120 unique puzzles provide an enjoyable challenge even for experienced fans of nonograms.

Explore six locations set in six different worlds. Each level presents its own magical challenges.

Magic Griddlers 2 features new and improved controls. The gameplay depends entirely on logic. You’ll never have to guess a solution in this game.

Choose your training level depending on your existing skills in the new and improved tutorial. Complete only the parts of the tutorial that will help you further develop your skills.

Enjoy calming music, premium graphics, and a wonderful fantasy atmosphere. Use your skills to solve each logic puzzle. Defeat the treacherous wizard and his dark magic.

It’s time to depart from the bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of adventure with Magic Griddlers 2!

  • Griddlers set in a magical world
  • 120 unique levels, 6 locations
  • Gameplay built on logic - no need for guessing
  • More than 12 hours of gameplay Relaxing music
  • New and improved tutorial - complete only the sections you really need
  • Colorful high-quality graphics
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Download and play Magic Griddlers 2Download and play Magic Griddlers 2Download and play Magic Griddlers 2

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