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Shadows Price For Our Sins  
Hidden Object

On Halloween you will pay for your sins!

It’s Halloween and some students have decided to throw a party at the abandoned Stone Farm. While they are making preparations for their party, they stumble upon an ancient artefact. Soon they discover that this artifact opens a portal to the Underworld!

When the students trigger the portal, the souls of the Stone family escape the Underworld, where they were held captive by the Lord of Darkness, Samhain. Enraged, the demon takes the students souls instead!

However, one girl escapes the demon's revenge. Her name is Dylan. Fortunately, the spirits of the Stone family want to help Dylan rescue her friends. They only ask one thing in return: Dylan must investigate the horrifying crimes of the past and discover the origins of the ancient artefact.

Find out what’s keeping the Stone family bound to their farm, even beyond death. Why do they really need your help? Will Dylan be able to save her fellow students, her friends and her boyfriend? And who lured these young folks to that cursed farm in the first place?

Prepare yourself for goosebumps and shivers and dive into this hidden object adventure game...

if you dare!

  • Thrilling and mysterious atmosphere
  • 35 bone-chilling quest scenes
  • 18 challenging hidden object scenes
  • 30 tricky mini games
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Download and play Shadows Price For Our SinsDownload and play Shadows Price For Our SinsDownload and play Shadows Price For Our Sins

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